Gluten Free Loaf


So my latest purchase is the amazing book by Jessica Sepel, The Healthy Life. I normally only buy recipe books that I love and after flicking through a few pages of this book I knew I had to have it.

Not only does it have a variety of amazing recipes but it also has a big section on your health. From gut health to hormones to sleep to exercise stress, it covers just about everything.

I do my fair share of reading and research about food and health but I still feel like I learnt a lot from this book and I think it was worth every dollar.

Its definitely changed my perspective on a few things such as the importance of sleep. I always aim for my 8 hours but have been slacking off lately and now I realise how important getting 8 hours actually is.

I also realised I might be under eating when I consider the amount of exercise I do. I was always scared of my portion sizes but i've realised by adding some more good fats to my diet I will be fuller for longer.

If you want to learn more about your health, this is definitely a great purchase.

I made the gluten free loaf from the book which was super quick and easy!

Its not vegan (it contains eggs) but you could replace the eggs with a chia egg instead. This loaf is actually for my family to trial as we were talking about bread and they all felt like they needed to cut down a bit. It will be interesting to see what the verdict is as they can be pretty hard to please!


You can read about Jessica and purchase her book here.

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