7 Tips to Staying Organised


I consider maintaining a healthy mind to be just as important as keeping your body healthy. A healthy mind starts with you acknowledging how you are thinking and how you are feeling to cope with everything life throws our way. 

Being a full time student at University, working, babysitting, exercising, cooking and socialising, I find that at times life gets very hectic and I need to take a step back to organise my thoughts and well..my life!

Being organised is a crucial aspect of a healthy mind. If you are organised, everything else falls into place and you will feel less cluttered and be able to arrange your thoughts. You will probably find you are able to sleep better, you are less tense, you get along with your friends and family better and you are more relaxed- just by being organised!

Here are my 7 tips to staying organised:

     To- Do Lists- To-Do Lists are my absolute number one way to stay organized. I write everything down in my to-do list from drop off mail to add in reference to literacy assignment to change hours at work to paint nails. Write everything down so it doesn’t stay cloudy in your mind.

      Planners- I have a big desk planner that outlines the whole month. I can see the whole month at a glance and fill in everything important such as work, babysitting, birthdays, due dates or coffee dates so that when someone asks me to do something or I want to see whats on during the week, it is right there for me to see. This prevents you trying to remember all those dates in your mind.

       Sticky Notes- Once you start using these you won’t be able to stop. These are all around my room. When I am trying to sleep and I think of something, I write it down so it doesn’t keep me awake. This can be as small as “pack uni lunch” to “buy dads birthday present”.

      Journal- When you are struggling to fall asleep, or something is bothering you, write it down! Big or small, write it down. This will get it out of your head and off your mind and feel so much better when you see it on paper and don’t have to think about it.

     Preparation- You can not be organized without being prepared. For me this includes preparing for uni by doing unit readings, preparing for babysitting by packing all my toys and stories or preparing for helping out in the classroom by planning my activities. Prepare the things in your life and you will have less to think about.

     Planning- You can’t be organized without planning ahead. I like to plan the best time to begin assignments, planning when I will see my friends, planning my dinners, planning when I will exercise. It will help you fit everything in and male the most of your time.

      Set goals- Being organised includes setting goals. I find setting goals helps you to stay on track and motivates you to stay organised.
Start being organised now and make the most of every single day. You will find that you become much more connected with yourself and those around you.

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