Stir No Fry


My favourite part about eating healthy is that there is a healthy alternative to almost all of my favourite foods. I love eating foods that are stripped back to nature and exclude any processed ingredients with hidden sugars, preservatives, additives and lots of other 'ingredients' that we don't need to put into our bodies.

Whilst I do not classify myself as a Vegan, I enjoy eating vegan foods as they are loaded with goodness and you can eat in abundance as you know exactly what is going into your meal. There is something satisfying about knowing that you are eating foods straight from mother nature that your body will thrive off.

I discovered a recipe ebook by Bonny Rebecca who is vegan and thrives off carbs so I decided to purchase it as I have always been quite scared of carbs and I wanted to educate myself on eating the right carbs, the right way. I love every single recipe in this book and I am always left feeling super full and extremely satisfied after eating the meals. The recipes range from breakfasts to smoothies to dinners, including the Stir No Fry, which I have made below. 

This recipe uses no oil (yay!) and even the sauce is made from scratch. It's super delicious and so good for you, I even managed to get my junk-food loving 16 year old brother to enjoy this meal. If you want to read more on the ebook I have attached the link to Bonny's website below:

It is definitely worth the low price!

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